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Graduation of the Class of 2023

Promotion Jean-Jacques Rousseau hosted by the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas

Once again this year, we are honored to announce the graduation of the next class of ELS graduates. Hosted by the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, the graduation of the Class 2023 took place in Paris and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you once again and wish you a bright and successful future!

Graduation of the Class of 2022

Promotion Maria Montessori hosted by The Sapienza - Università di Roma

We are proud to announce that we have graduated the next cohort of European Lawyers! Thank you to our partners at Sapienza Università di Roma for hosting a beautiful ceremony and congratulations to our graduates!

The ceremony was opened with institutional greetings from the host university,Graduierung2022-Bild1 followed by a beautiful Lectio Magistralis on "Solidarity as a General Principle of EU Law", delivered by Prof. Guido Alpa. Afterwards, represen-tatives of all 8 partner universities congra-tulated the graduates on their outstanding achievements and Sara Todini gave a passionate graduation speech. Finally, Prof. Stefan Grundmann revealed the name of the promotion and why Maria Montessori was chosen.

The certificate ceremony was followed by a lovely lunch reception with the graduates, their families, the professors, and ELS alumni and alumnae.

Graduierung2022-Bild2 Graduierung2022-Bild3



Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Nicolas Bömelburg

Eleni Wolfenberg

Benedikt Wurdack

Freya Ursula Schramm

Linda Krejci

Christoph Gunnar Martens

Meret Plucis


Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas

Julie Bonnepart

Sixtine Clément de Givry

Alessandro Di Stefano

Samuel Dufour

Clélia Lenti

Alice Narumi Ouvrieu

Mélanie Pourchel

Soline Tang-Subtil

Héloïse Villey-Desmeserets

Oscar Corentin Vilbert

King’s College London

Anne Philippczyk

Felix Saabel


Sapienza – Università di Roma

Sara Todini

Graduation of the class of 2021

Promotion Winston Churchill hosted by King's College London


Graduierungsfeier Jahrgang 2021



Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Laetitia Bornscheuer

Barbara Enderl

Nora Hertz

Anna-Katharina Hübers

Felix Janousek

Hannah Keller

Friedrich Maximilian Kliebenstein

Janaína Santos Lühring

Zoé Menkhoff

Johanna Mittrop

Paul Joseph Nicklas

Felicitas Schulze-Oechtering

Benedikt Wurdack


Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas

Maxime Barthez

Jean Bergeron

Sarah Legros

Sarah Luquet

Yaelle Lagrange

Clarisse Macé

Soheyla Nayerhoda-Poulain

Emilie Pierrejean

Jade Plantin

Charlotte Rümmele

King’s College London

Ina Cho

Anne Sophie Lübbe


Sapienza – Università di Roma

Gaia Sorrentino

Costanza Salvati

Federico Thofern

Carlo Federico Ventre


Universitet van Amsterdam

Fatiya Munkaila


Graduation of the class of 2020

Promotion Jürgen Habermas hosted by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


In 2021, more than 30 students graduated from the partner universities of the European Law School network. To honour their achievement, the graduation ceremony took place on 16 July at the Centre Francais in Berlin.

In his opening speech, Professor StefanGraduierungsfeier Jahrgang 2020 Grundmann, President of the European Law School Network, emphasised the importance of personal exchange at the universities and social discourse in general. The concept of discourse is also behind the name of this cohort: Jürgen Habermas. For further reflections on this concept, the opening speech was followed by a lively panel discussion on "Universities and Discourse in the Pandemic".

Chaired by Professor Matthias Ruffert from Humboldt University, the panel included Professor Thierry Bonneau from Paris, Professor Elina Moustaira from Athens and graduate students Philipp Uebis and Benedikt Voss (London). The discussion pointed out the challenges that online formats bring for teachers and students, but also the possible advantages of the newly gained flexibility.

Afterwards, Professor Matthias Ruffert gave a laudation and Miriam Schuler gave an impassioned student speech. The graduates then received their certificates before moving to the outdoor terrace for a festive reception with their guests and the professors.

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Sascha Bernert
Franziska Grein
Jana Hechler
Andreas Christopher Knecht
Anna Milena Kohte
Josephine Lasota
Elina Lauterbach

Miriam Johanna Schuler
Sinthuja Shanmugaratnam
Theresa von Boetticher
Matthias Wahls


Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas

Emma Bolopion
Pierre Chenevez
Louis Laurens de Waru
Emilie Garampon
Juliane Minnaert
Laura Prat
Arthur Rialland
Mathilde Silvestre
Camille Tournié


King’s College London

Sofia Bilskaya
Nicolas Fedor Gundlach
Katharina Jungclaussen
Leonie Leuschner
Anais Lienhart
Elena Mallett
Hannah-Jil Prillwitz
Lola Siran
Sophie Stummvoll
Philip Uebis
Benedikt Christian Voss


Sapienza – Università di Roma

Michele Gentile
Stefano Piantedosi



Graduation of the graduating class 2019

Promotion Ruth Bader Ginsburg hosted by the Universiteit van Amsterdam



Graduation of the graduating class 2017

Promotion Anne Frank hosted by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


The graduation ceremony of the class of 2017 was celebrated together with the tenth anniversary of the European Law School on 8 December 2017 with a ceremony at the Bode Museum in Berlin followed by a dinner at the Faculty of Humanities of Humboldt-Universität with around 250 invited guests.

The graduates of 2017, their families and guests from politics, business and academia were welcomed by the President of Humboldt-Universität, Sabine Kunst, and the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Martin Eifert. The French Ambassador Anne Marie Jubiläumsfeier.jpgDescôtes and Sir Francis Geoffrey Jacobs, former Advocate General at the European Court of Justice and now academic teacher at King's College in London, underlined the special nature and necessity of a European legal education.

In addition to the graduation ceremony for the graduating class of 2017, the highlight was the keynote speech by former Bundestag President Norbert Lammert. He reflected on European integration, highlighted problems and challenges and encouraged the European lawyers to help shape the future of the European Union.






Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Leonie Adam
Alissa Arms
Leonie Balze
Ansgar Baumgarten
Franziska Brachthäuser
Susanna Juliane Brintrup
Sophie Burchardi
Ciro D’Amelio
Carla Dietmair
Mariamo Katharina Ilal
Eun Hye Kim
Marian Georg Münch
Anna-Julia Saiger

Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas
Juliette Camy
Sheelah Delestre
Mathilde Garin
Ibtissem Guenfoud
Ghita Lorabi
Julie Martinez
Romane Mattei
Charlotte Matthews
Sophia Shen
Mathilde Tanon

King’s College London
Maximilian Baldinger
Ciara Delaney
Rhona Luithle

Sapienza – Università di Roma
Valerio Daniele
Daniel Ciarrochi
Agnese Colucci
Valeria Comegna
Tommaso Olivieri


Graduation of the class of 2016

Promotion Caterina da Siena hosted by La Sapienza University in Rome


Graduierung Jahrgang 2016

The graduation ceremony of the class of 2016 was hosted for the first time by La Sapienza University (Rome). The graduates were first greeted by the Vice-President of La Sapienza University, the Dean of the Faculty and the respective higher institutes of the University, as well as by Prof. Laura Moscati, representing the Roman partner university. Prof. Guido Alpa gave the keynote speech on "Definitions and Conceptions of contracts" and reflected on the definition and conception of the contract in history and in the different European legal systems.

Finally, Prof. Stefan Grundmann, in his function as President of the European Law School Network, resolved the suspense as to who would be the patron saint of this year's doctorate: It is Caterina da Siena - Roman, holy patron saint of Italy and since 1999 also holy patron saint of Europe. She stands for unity and diversity in Europe and for the fact that Europe must stand together in today's times. After a short excursion into the perspective of the graduates, the certificates were handed over to the newly graduated European lawyers and finally they were invited to a small reception.





La Sapienza - Università di Roma
Giulia Giordana
Severa Azzarello
Tommaso Buzelli

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Annegret Hartig
Christine Toman
Fernanda Bremenkamp
Louis Rolfes
Maria Louise Nitschke
Maximilian Schülling
Niklas Eder
Nikolai Badenhoop

Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2
Alice Jouandet
Alice Zorzenone
Anna Elisabeth Herrada
Isabelle Seys
Lauréline Giron
Margaux Rivière
Marie Weymuller
Margaux Malvezin

King’s College London
Elisabeth-Kyra Komives
Aleksandra Gebicke
Anne Stephan
Claire Smith
Daphne Brunkhorst
Effi Hesse
Iris Devise


Graduation of the class of 2015

Promotion George Frideric Handel hosted by King's College London


_U7A1943.jpgThe class of 2015 was formally graduated on 19 January 2016 at King's College London. Traditionally, the graduating class, the "promotion" is named after a well-known historical figure.

For the sixth graduating class, Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Grundmann chose the German-British composer George Frideric Handel. Almost like the graduates, Handel was a European traveller in the truest sense of the word - after living, studying and working in Germany and Italy, he spent his twilight years in London.

The ceremony was opened by Professor John Phillips (King's College London), who introduced Prof. Sir Francis Jacobs as keynote speaker. Afterwards, Filippo Caliento, Edoardo Celeste, and Lauren Lederle, representing the graduates, reviewed their experiences of the past six years. Afterwards, King's College hosted a reception in the venerable Somerset House (home of the Law Faculty).




La Sapienza - Università di Roma
Filippo Caliento
Edoardo Celeste

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Christian Crohn
Corinne Rüchardt
Simona Schilling
Sophia Schröder
Vera Wahl

Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2
Corentin Basle
Garance De Galzain
Cristina-Victoria Di luggo di Avani
Mailys Flajoliet
Eugénie Garnier
Titus Michaud
Juliette Mignot
Alexia Tizzano
Chloe Tontini
Jérôme Wild

King’s College London
Lauren Lederle
Olivier van den Rul
Nils Wilfert

Graduation of the graduating class 2014

Promotion Hannah Arendt hosted by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


The graduation of the fifth ELS class was combined with the opening ceremony of the doctoral programme "Unity and Difference in the European Legal Space" on 13 February 2015. The keynote speech was given by the French Ambassador to Germany. The Vice-President for Research at Humboldt-Universität and the Dean of the Faculty of Law spoke. The musical accompaniment was provided by students and alumni:ae of the ELS - many thanks for that!




Graduation of the class of 2013

Promotion Heinrich Heine hosted by the Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas



In December 2013, the fourth graduating class of the ELS was awarded the Diplôme "Juriste européen:ne" in Paris. The patron saint of this graduating class is the German author "Heinrich Heine", whom Marcel Reich-Ranicki has already honoured as a world poet and European in "The Heine Case".
After the very warm words of welcome from the President of the Université Panthéon-Assas, Prof. Guillaume Leyte, Prof. Armel Le Divellec opened the ceremony with a lecture on "Universités et heinrichheine.pngJuristes européens à travers l'histoire".

Prof. Dr. Dr. Grundmann then drew a portrait of the poet Heine between Germany and France, followed by speeches by the two ELS Alumni:ae Charlotte Reichow and Camille Adao. At the subsequent convivial dinner hosted by the Alumni Association, current and former students of the European Law School had the opportunity to exchange ideas and meet each other again.



Graduation of the graduating class 2012

Promotion Aristotle hosted by the Humboldt University of Berlin


The graduation of the third year of the ELS took place in Berlin. The official part of the ceremony began in the Senate Hall with a speech by Prof. Dr. Dieter Grimm, retired judge at the Federal Constitutional Court. Afterwards, the celebration continued with a ball in the former dance hall of the Empress. Once again, professors and those responsible for the programme as well as students and alumni were invited.

Juristische Fakultät BE2.jpg



Graduation of the 2011 class

Promotion Marie Curie hosted by the Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas


In 2011, the graduation of the second ELS class took place in Paris, in the former home of the President of the Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas. In addition to the graduates from Paris and Berlin and their families, the students of the programme who were in Paris at the time and the programme managers of the individual universities were also present. The former president of the Université Panthéon Assas, Ms Dutheil de la Rochère, who initiated the programme, gave the keynote speech.


Graduation of the class of 2010

Promotion Michaelangelo hosted by the Humboldt University of Berlin


On 3 December 2010, the European Law School held its opening and first graduation ceremony at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In the presence of the patrons, the title "European:r Jurist:in" was awarded for the first time. In the morning, an academic symposium was held on the topic of "Legal thinking in Europe", while the afternoon event focused on the graduation ceremony and the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr. Joseph H.H. Weiler.