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European Law School in the Winning Team of Jessup Moot Court 2023

Congratulations to the University of Amsterdam. Our ELS Partner Amsterdam won the most prestigious and oldest Moot Court, the Jessup Moot Court, somehow «the original» of all moot courts, Spring 2023. In the name of the whole European Law School, our warmest and indeed euphoric wishes and congratulations. This constitutes a particularly happy moment, typically English speaking universities – from the US, the UK, Singapore etc. – have a huge advantage and win. This year, two non-native speaker universities fought for the title in public international law in Washington: Amsterdam and Peking (Beijing). We are very happy in these difficult times, that Amsterdam was succesful, a highly particular moment, let me express how utterly proud we are of the team. Out of more than 600 teams the winning team!

The winning team – Nataša Adžić (also 4th best oralist overall), Hannah Zigelski (King's College London) and Leopold Raab (Humboldt University Berlin) –, the beauty of it is as well how much diversity it integrates into a truly international team: together in Amsterdam, from totally different backgrounds, two of the three – Hannah and Leopold – from the European Law School, from different partners, on their way through the three partner universities chosen, this year in Amsterdam. They live the European Law School idea in an astonishingly splendid and successful way. This year for Amsterdam!

This is not to forget the other – outstanding – teams. Others have made it as well through the long national qualification rounds and to high rankings in the finals in Washington – considering also the many native-speaker universities: Out of those more than 600 universities, Católica of Lisbon reached the 51st place in the ranking with Julian Schramm from the European Law School (Humboldt), Humboldt University the 58th place in the ranking with Judith Scherer und Clara Schweinbach (from the European Law School), the former 13th best oralist worldwide, and with Elisa Arslan (also 20th best oralist) and Mia Hanebeck.

Altogether, these young lawyers from our joint cohort of some 30-40 ELS students per year – that make the pride of three of our partner universities – have achieved an astonishing success. They give a strong statement for the joint curriculum, its richness and professional quality. Many thanks to them – and euphoric wishes and congratulations!


Stefan Grundmann (president of the European Law School)