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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - European Law School



Juristische Fakultät Rom.JPGEurope's largest university, Rome I - La Sapienza is located in the heart of Rome. Founded all the way back in 1301 by papal bull, and public institution since 1870, the university is devoted to that which its name promises: wisdom. Wisdom is transmitted to over 140,000 students in 155 libraries, 21 museums, and 130 other departments and institutions in and around Rome. But the Alma Mater is not only venerable: It was from La Sapienza that Natalino Irti, for instance, proclaimed the undoing of codification and that Stefano Rodotà proclaimed his specifically Italian critical theory. From the start, the university has had a law faculty that figures among the most famous in all of Italy. Recently, it was ranked as the best Italian faculty in the QS World Ranking. Today, more than 50 distinguished professors teach at the faculty.